House Rules

Character Creation

Roll 5 Characters (3d6 for each stat, in ACK’s order STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA).
Take the 2 best characters rolled as your primary and secondary.

With those 2 best characters you can do each of the following ONCE:

  • Swap a stat score for another stat

  • Subtract 2 points from a stat and add 1 point to another stat

Develop the other 3 characters fully as well as the ones you’ll be playing. Those 3 will become NPC’s.
All characters know the common trade tongue of their home region.
All characters know the tongue of their native land.
Characters with positive intelligence modifiers know an additional language of their choice equal to their intelligence modifier (some restrictions apply).


There are two types of arcane magic systems. The first is the traditional ACKS system where concordance with stars and elemental planes, eschewing particular practices and speaking eldritch words are the primary means of controlling magical forces.

The second is darker and chthonic. Outer beings of great power patron these users. Strange and horrible things happen to those who fail to control the magics they wield.

House Rules

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