Sen of Arenjun


5’ 8" 155lbs
17 years old

1st level Thief (buccaneer)
Str 13 (+1)
Int 14 (+1)
Wis 7 (-1)
Dex 16 (+2)
Con 13 (+1)
Cha 9 (+1)

hp: 3
AC: 4

Attack Throw: 10+ (+2 missile, +1 melee)

Petrif. & Paralysis: 13+
Poison & Death: 13+
Blast & Breath 16+
Staffs & Wands: 14+
Spells: 15+

Precise Shooting, Sniping, Skulking



Leather Armor
Longbow/ 2 Quivers, 40 arrows (1d6)
Short Sword (1d6)
Dagger (1d4)
Sap (1d4)
Backpack/ crowbar, 2 flasks common oil (wrapped), 12 iron spikes, 50’ rope, Tinder Box, 6 Torches/ 1 week Iron Rations/ 2 Large Sacks
Belt/ Belt Pouch/ Thieves Tools

Tunic & Pants (not fancy)
Boots (Low, Leather)
Cloak (Long, Hooded)


Sen was orphaned at the age of 9 after his father, who was a guard in the city of Arenjun was cruelly murdered in some political machination to which Sen still has no ideas why it happened. His mother had died in his early childhood, as he has very faint memories of her. Thus, set in the street with just the base knowledge of what his father had taught him, Sen developed his archery skills as he found that this was a good way of getting food and also protecting himself from a distance.

Being a orphan out in the street in Arenjun is not an uncommon occurrence, so he was not alone, and was quickly adopted into “the family” of the thieves guild, which allowed him to use his uncanny skills of skulking to his advantage and his dexterous feet and hands to do much of the dirty work that was often asked of the underlings in the guild.

He has held many “jobs” over the past years, panhandler, busker, pickpocket, guide, runner, ships hand, lookout. All of these used his natural learning prowess and outstanding agility to cope, and become not only adept, but veteran at.

His mild brawniness, intelligence and charismatic nature has managed to keep him from the stockades and jails during the near decade that leads us to this point, but unfortunately, his lapse in judgment regarding a certain merchant’s daughter and some of said merchant’s jewelry has lead Sen to travel to his current location in Brythunia until such time as the heat dies down in Arenjun.

Sen of Arenjun

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