Mi-Go (The Fungi from Yuggoth) are an interstellar race, with a main colony or base on Yuggoth (Pluto). They are mining colonies in the mountains of Earth, where the mi-go seek rare ores.

These red, bat-winged creatures somewhat resemble lobsters in that they have many legs, feelers, and eyestalks, and forearms that end in great pincers. Though they appear to be crustaceans, they are actually fungus creatures. Mi-Go are immune to the effects of cold, dark, and vacuum, and can fly across interstellar space. They communicate with each other by changing the colors of their brain-like heads and clicking their pinchers, however they can speak human tongues in buzzing, insect-like voices.

They worship both Nrarlathotep and Shub-Niggurath, and possibly others. They hire human agents to simplify their operations, and are sometimes connected to cults.

They are unable to eat terrene food, and must import theirs from other worlds. They are able to fly through the interstellar aether on their great wings. but maneuver clumsily in an atmosphere. After death, a mi-go dissolves in a few hours.

They are capable of astounding surgical feats, including the placing of living human brains in lifeĀ· sustaining metal tubes. They can then attach speaking, listening, and seeing devices to the tubes, so that the brains can interact with those about them. This way they can carry with them those who cannot withstand the vacuum and cold of space.


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