Nergal, the god who prowls by night, is the god of the afterworld and the husband of dreaded Ereskigal. He is the god of hunting, war, pestilence and disease.

Nergal is a very impatient and violent deity given to psychopathic rages. he cries out for war and enjoys to hear the screams of his victims. Having no tolerance as a god of the underworld, he lives for war and will sow the seeds of violence and bloodshed when he is unleashed.

Nergal opens the passages to the underworld to allow dead souls to enter his dark realms.

Nergal commands seven demos known as the Sebitti to help him kill surplus populations of people and animals. His favored method is disease and the demon Irra, who sometimes referred to as the god of disease, carries out this culling when commanded.

Nergal is often depicted as a lion or a lion-headed man wielding a scimitar and a lion-headed mace. He is associated with the planet Mars and the noon-time sun.

Certain apocryphal tales discuss a magical talisman called the Hand of Nergal, which can summon the shadow of Nergal.


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